Disclaimer and terms of use

1. 1.

1.1These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) govern Your use of the Games (as described below), the related internet, mobile, or other platforms via the website www.BetWinner.ke (Website) or other related URLs.

1.2BetWinner offers the Website and the Games.

1.3These T&C refer to BetWinner Ltd, a company that is registered in Malta. Its registered address is Flat B8, ‘The Atrium, West Street, Msida MSD 1731, Malta. With registration number C 95597).

1.4These T&C’s are binding agreements between You and BetWinner.

1.5BetWinner is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority under the BetWinner business having its registered office at Flat B8, ‘The Atrium, West Street, Msida MSD 1731, Malta with registration number C 95977. Its license number is B018. The National Betting Authority, a single public regulatory body, is responsible for all forms of gambling in Kenya.

1.6These T&C become effective when You click the “ACCEPT” button. By doing so, You are confirming to BetWinner that you have read and accepted these T&C. These T&C are binding upon you when you use any website.

1.7Before you click on the “REGISTER”, button, please read all of these T&C thoroughly. If you do not agree to any of the T&C, you must stop using or continuing to use this Website.

1.9BetWinner reserves all rights to amend these T&C, and thus to amend this agreement between You, BetWinner, after approval by National Betting Authority. You will be notified to confirm that you are aware of the modification and these will become binding for You.

1.10BetWinner will notify You of any changes to the T&Cs that could affect Your rights. You will be asked to confirm and review the changes. To ensure that you are up-to-date with any amendments, this Agreement and the Rules for each game in which You participate is Your sole responsibility.

1.11These T&C are referenced in the separate links that link to the Website. They include explanations and rules for participation in any BetWinner’s Games and how to maintain your BetWinner account.

1.12Referring to BetWinner’s Games in this agreement will refer to Sportsbook or other Games that may be made available on the Website from time to time. BetWinner has the right to remove or add Games to the Website at its discretion.

1.13These T&C may be made available in many languages to facilitate customer access and information. Only the Greek version is legal for the relationship between You, BetWinner. In the event of any dispute between the Greek language version and any version in any other language of the Terms and Condition, the Greek language language version will prevail.

2. BetWinner Account Rules

2.1To participate in betting on sports and other events for real money, you must register with BetWinner. You will need to open an account at BetWinner and deposit money using the BetWinner authorised deposit methods. BetWinner allows you to register and/or sign in. BetWinner.ke Through your email account or social media platforms. Your email address or social media account information must match your ID card details to connect via email or social media. Log in to access a BetWinner.ke BetWinner customers who have already registered for BetWinner are not eligible to access their account. Social media and email connections (social log in) are both optional. You may disconnect at any moment.

2.2BetWinner can appoint Payment Solution Providers who will act, receive and/or repay funds for BetWinner.

2.3BetWinner accounts can only be opened and used by one customer. Multiple accounts are not allowed. This includes existing accounts that may be inactive, inactive, closed or opened for any reason. If we suspect that any customer has opened or used multiple accounts, we reserve all rights to temporarily block the account and/or close all accounts. Only the account in which the balance is to be transferred will be allowed to be closed. All winnings, bonuses, winnings, and free bets accumulated by opening and/or using multiple accounts with us will be null. To cover any withdrawals by Customers from multiple accounts, funds held in multiple accounts will be withheld up to the required amount.

2.4BetWinner must be notified immediately if you notice more than one BetWinner account under different names.

2.5 BetWinnerOnly one account is allowed per household, address (postal, IP), email address or environment in which computers are shared (e.g. Universities, workplaces and public libraries, etc., computer (or another access device).

2.6To request a BetWinner account, fill out the registration form online. BetWinner reserves all rights to refuse to open an BetWinner account.

2.7All information required for Your registration form must be filled out. This includes Your identity, date of birth, type of identity document, and number. Your address and contact details must include valid e-mail addresses, your place of residence, and relevant payment information. It is Your responsibility to ensure that all information you provide is accurate, complete, and current. You also warrant and declare to BetWinner that the information is correct, true, complete, and current. If You provide false or misleading information, GBetWinner L may close your BetWinner Account and cancel all betting activities.

2.8As part of the registration process, you will need to choose Your username/password for your login into the website. It is Your sole responsibility to ensure the security of Your login details. You are prohibited from disclosing Your login details to others. BetWinner will not be held responsible for any misuse or misappropriation of Your BetWinner account by third parties as a result of Your disclosure of Your login details to anyone, active or passive.

2.9 BetWinnerAccounts may be closed without explanation. If an account is closed by a client or in this instance, the entire balance will be paid unless fraudulent behavior is suspected. In which case, a written explanation to the account holder will be sent if funds were withheld. BetWinner reserves the right, in the event of any suspected fraudulent behavior by a customer, to notify the appropriate authorities.

2.10Your Player ID and Password are your responsibility. You are solely responsible for any actions that you take using your login details.

2.11Each customer account is unique and each client is responsible for all account obligations. Clients also have the right to all profits or benefits.

2.12BetWinner reserves the right to end any event or game at any time. All pending wagers made on suspended events/games are refunded to the customer.

2.13The Account Holder must not permit any other person, even minors, to access or use its Account. If we suspect that any customer has allowed another person to use its Account, or if we believe that they have any reason to believe that this is the case, we reserve all rights to immediately block and/or close an account. Any winnings that are derived from a customer’s account being opened for use by another person or used will be null.

2.14Account holders who are under 18 years of age will have their profits and deposits transferred to the National Betting Authority. Account holders who are under 18 years old and are located in the same jurisdiction as the account holder will have their account closed immediately. All bets on the account will be void and all deposits returned.

3. 3.

3.1BetWinner, a registered company in Malta with its registered address at Flat B8, The Atrium’ West Street, Msida MSD 1731, Malta with registration number C95597), as their Company to act and receive deposits, hold and manage money and/or expedite withdraws.

3.2To participate in any Game you must first deposit money into Your Account from the source or account of which You are the account holder. These funds can then be used to conduct gambling and other gaming transactions. Only if you have enough funds in your BetWinner account to participate in any Game, BetWinner will not provide any credit for your participation in any Game. To avoid any confusion, Your Account will not be used as a bank account. If we learn that deposits to or withdrawals have been made from Your Account, without sufficient betting or gaming activity we reserve the right deducting an administration fee (regardless of whether or not the account is closed or suspended).

3.3You can find all information necessary to deposit funds into Your BetWinner Account under the “My Account” or “Deposit” pages on this website. These pages may change from time to time, so you can use any of these methods.

3.4Deposits may be subject to charges depending on the deposit method chosen. You can find current fees for depositing funds under “My Account” or “Deposits” depending on the deposit method. Bank wire transfers and other payment methods may be charged by your bank.

3.5Only EUR (Euro) payments are accepted. BetWinner will convert any payments in EUR (Euro) received from You in a currency other that the one you have chosen for Your account at the current exchange rate. Any exchange premiums you pay are your responsibility.

3.6BetWinner must be approved and given an authorisation code before you can deposit funds with a debit or credit card. If BetWinner does not have such authorization, your account will not be credited.

3.7 BetWinnerWhen making deposits to Your BetWinner account, reserves the right to use additional procedures or means to verify your identity.

3.8 BetWinnerIt does not give credit for any use of its services.

3.9BetWinner will not pay interest on credit balances. You also won’t treat BetWinner like a financial institution. BetWinner may have reasonable suspicion that funds were deposited with no intent to establish a commercial relationship with BetWinner or for the sole purpose of gambling transactions. BetWinner also reserves the right to not credit customer’s accounts and/or cancel transactions, with the funds being returned back to customer. BetWinner does not assume any responsibility for the funds or their use.

3.10You must use funds deposited into Your BetWinner account for bona fide transactions with a strict goal to establish a normal business relationship with BetWinner, and with the sole purpose of conducting gambling and betting transactions.

3.11The minimum and/or maximum deposit limits will vary depending on the method of payment chosen by the Account Holder.

3.12Some card deposits may be declined from time to time. This is due to security systems that are managed in partnership with a Payment Solution Provider or a Financial Institution. These security measures can decline legitimate Cards, which may mean that it is not possible to process them at a given time. BetWinner personnel are not authorized to control these systems or have knowledge about the reasons why deposits were declined.

3.13We reserve the right not to accept any deposit or winnings made to the Account by You if you use a payment method for which You are not the account holder.

4. Withdrawals from Your BetWinner account

4.1BetWinner, a registered company in Malta, has its registered address at Flat B8, ‘The Atrium, West Street. Msida. MSD 1731. Malta. With registration number C95597). This Company can act, receive deposits and hold and manage funds and/or expedite withdraws.

4.2BetWinner will issue you a valid notice of withdrawal online. You can withdraw any amount that exceeds the balance in your BetWinner account.

4.3Notifications of withdrawal must be sent via the website. BetWinner cannot accept withdrawal requests made by phone or electronically. These instructions are not allowed to be ignored by employees of BetWinner.

4.4BetWinner has many withdrawal options. You can withdraw any winnings that exceed the stated level using the method you have chosen for your deposit. Additional handling charges may be added by your bank. These fees may change over time.

4.5BetWinner will try to accommodate your request about the payment method for Your withdrawal. However, this cannot be guaranteed. We may pay withdrawals using a different payment method to the one you request, and/or cancel any pending withdrawals.

4.6BetWinner can request legal identification such as passports, national identity cards or any other type of identification BetWinner considers appropriate for withdrawals. BetWinner can request copies of credit cards (both the front and back) for withdrawals that have involved credit card deposits in the past. BetWinner advises that you keep only the first 6 Digits, and the last four Digits visible on the card. This is for your protection. Cover the number CVV/CVV2 at the back of your card.

4.7BetWinner can request address verification by asking copies of bank statements, utility bills, or any other document BetWinner considers appropriate. BetWinner will notify the appropriate authorities of suspicious transactions. BetWinner will report any suspicious transactions to the relevant authorities if they are not received within a reasonable period of time from the date they were requested.

4.8BetWinner reserves all rights to charge the customer for any withdrawal or deposit not completed in full. The requested withdrawal amount may be reduced if necessary. BetWinner can also ask for additional identification documents and exercise greater diligence when withdrawing funds that were not used for wagering.

4.9If the deposit method is a Prepaid voucher (e.g. If the deposit method of the account is a Prepaid Voucher (e.g. Paysafecard, Viva Spots), or the amount of a deposit is not used in full before a request for withdrawal, or if there is evidence of a series bets/wagers that result in guaranteed customer profits regardless of outcome, BetWinner reserves right to request a receipt proving the purchase of the voucher, and/or the exact vouchers used to make deposits, before any withdrawals can be processed.

BetWinner may refuse to withdraw a request for withdrawal if BetWinner suspects that a customer has engaged in improper activity. This includes customers who have not played their original deposit at least five times, with odds greater than 1.50, and they are not able to report this activity to the National Betting Authority or the Unit for Combating Money Laundering.

4.10BetWinner reserves all rights to withhold funds from withdrawals, if the funds were not used in order to conduct gambling and betting transactions.

4.11We reserve the right not to pay out if more than one payment method was used. If applicable, partial payments can be made to deposit types previously used.

5. Game Payouts

5.1All winnings from a Game you participate in will be kept for your BetWinner account.

5.2.1BetWinner will transfer funds from Your Account to any winnings or funds that BetWinner has incorrectly credited to Your Account. This could be due to an error in the published pay tables, gaming software or human error. BetWinner will consider the amount incorrectly paid as a debt. If a withdrawal request was already submitted with funds that don’t belong to You before BetWinner has been notified, this will be considered an error. If you have incorrect credit, the payment provider will attempt to recover it automatically. You must notify BetWinner immediately via email.

5.2.2BetWinner reserves all rights to cancel any bet accepted by the account if it does not have enough funds to cover the bet or any bet placed with incorrectly credited winnings due to technical or human error.

5.3BetWinner will perform additional verification procedures to verify any payouts or cumulative payouts exceeding the equivalent amount of 2.000EUR. In the event of lower payouts, BetWinner reserves the right not to conduct such verification procedures. To prevent money laundering, all transactions will be inspected.

6. Closing Your BetWinner Account

6.1BetWinner may close your account at any moment. However, BetWinner will return any funds from Your BetWinner account to you subject to deductions for withdrawal charges. Any amount due to an account holder shall be credited to the payment method/bank account from which the betting money came. If betting is done with prepaid cards then the payout method will be determined in consultation with the account holder.

6.2An individual cannot open a new BetWinner account if their BetWinner Account is closed due to gambling addiction, fraud, or other reasons. BetWinner is not liable for the failure of an individual to open a new account or any indirect or consequential damages. BetWinner reserves all rights to close any account that is in violation of this rule.

6.3BetWinner reserves all rights to close Your BetWinner account and to refund the “Available to Bet”, subject to deductions of applicable withdrawal charges. This decision is at BetWinner’s absolute discretion, without obligation to give notice or state a reason. If funds are withheld from an account, BetWinner will send a written explanation to the account holder.

6.4BetWinner will remit Your remaining balance to your account if You don’t log on to Your BetWinner account via the internet using Your username and password for twenty-four (24) month. If we are unable to communicate with You, the amount will be remitted at the National Betting Authority of Kenya.

6.5BetWinner reserves all rights to withhold or remove any bonus you have been awarded if they are not used within six months of the date that they were issued.

6.6If an account has no monetary transactions (deposit or withdraw, bet placing, etc.) for more than 24 months, it is called a dormant account. It also has a real-money balance. BetWinner will close your account and transfer your balance to the National Betting Authority of Kenya if your account is dormant for 24 months without any monetary transactions.

7. 7.

7.1You warrant and declare that you:

7.1.1You must be over 18 years old or have reached the minimum legal age for majority in your jurisdiction to play the Games on the Website.

7.1.2Participation in the Games is strictly for entertainment and recreational purposes.

7.1.3Participation in the Games is solely for Yourself and not for any other person.

7.1.4You cannot open an account with BetWinner if you’re not a citizen or resident of Kenya

7.1.5BetWinner will verify that all information provided by You during the validity period of this agreement is correct, true, and complete. You must immediately notify BetWinner if any of these information changes.

7.1.6For any winnings you receive from BetWinner, it is your sole responsibility to report and account for all taxes.

7.1.7You can deposit money into Your BetWinner account without any suspicion.

7.1.8You acknowledge that you are taking the chance of losing any money deposited to Your BetWinner account by playing the Games

7.1.9You will not engage in any fraudulent, collusive, or other activity related to Your or any third party’s participation in any Games. You also agree not to use any software-assisted techniques or hardware devices in order for You to participate in any Games. BetWinner reserves the right to close or cancel Your BetWinner account or terminate Your participation in any Game.

7.1.10When withdrawing funds from or depositing money into Your BetWinner account, you must only use credit cards and other financial instruments that you legally own. Further, you agree not to charge backs, reverse or cancel any deposits into your Account. In any event, we will refund and compensate you for any unpaid deposits, including any expenses incurred in collecting Your deposit.

7.1.11BetWinner and third parties own the computer software we provide to You. It is protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property laws. The software may be used only for your personal, non-commercial purposes.

7.1.12You should play the website’s games in the same way as you would in other settings. Customers should be polite to one another and refrain from making rude or inappropriate comments.

7.1.13All transactions and betting slips should be printed along with the terms and conditions. Keep them in an easy-to-reach place.

7.1.14It is up to you to determine if online gambling is allowed in your country.

7.1.15Transfer funds to or from other customers, to receive money from customers, to transfer user accounts, and/or sell them, are all prohibited.

7.1.16You can’t be a professional in any competition, sport or league that BetWinner offers betting.

7.1.17You are not considered a compulsive gambler and/or included in any list or database of exclusion customers.

7.1.18If you haven’t had an Account closed by Us or at Your request,

8. 8.

8.You can choose to limit your access to Your account and/or to exclude yourself from any Games on this Website temporarily or permanently. To restrict your access to the Games, or to self-exclude, you must visit the appropriate section in Your Account or email customer service. Self-exclusion and account blocking take effect immediately. Contact customer service to revoke an account restriction. To protect your privacy, such restrictions can be revoked seven days after receipt of your request provided that you have completed the chosen time period.

8.2You can also choose to place limits on your account at Your own discretion by visiting the appropriate section of your Account or contacting customer service. These limits include (i) how much money you could lose within a given time period, (ii), the maximum amount you can deposit into your account within a specified time period, and (iii). How long you can play in one session. Limits can be set immediately. Contact customer service to revoke an account limit. If you have completed the requested time period, the revocation of these limits may take effect seven business days after receipt.

8.3 If you wish to activate the Cannot-Cancel-a-Withdraw option, you must contact Customer Service by email atThis is the right answer. This request is immediate. You can deactivate the Cannot-Cancel-a-Withdrawal option anytime by contacting Customer Service. This request will take effect seven days following its receipt.

8.4You can also reach our Customer Support team via any live channel on our Website. Section Support To get further guidance and assistance, please call.

8.5 Social ResponsibilityBetWinner takes seriously the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction. BetWinner recognizes that playing for money can be dangerous and that it must educate its customers about responsible gambling. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers have the information they need to recognize a problem in their gaming. We take proactive measures to avoid negative consequences such as bet rejections and stake limitation.

8.6BetWinner reserves all rights to close an account if it is believed that gambling by a customer will cause financial or personal problems.