Privacy Policy

1. 1.

1.1BetWinner values its customers and strives to provide the best entertainment possible in today’s market for betting on sporting events or other events. To facilitate our relationship with you and provide you the best betting experience, the Company may obtain certain personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy explains our policies and practices for collecting, using, and sharing information about you and Cookies. The Regulation EU 2016/679 (European Parliament and Council) and the Kenyan legislation are the guidelines for the collection, use and sharing¬† information and cookies. Additional policies and procedures have been adopted as described in our Terms and Conditions OurSecurity Page.This privacy policy is applicable regardless of whether the website is accessed via a personal computer or a mobile device. BetWinner can be reached at.

2. Types of information and how they are used

The purpose of your data processingPersonal dataFailure to provide personal data could have serious consequencesProcessing of your data on legal basis

RegisterContact details, Personal IdentifiersFailure to registerPerformance of contracts

Verification of Identity and Contact InformationPersonal Identifiers, Activity at Sports or Other EventsAccount suspension/closure, Inability to login, Withdrawal request not possibleRegulatory/ Legal Obligation
3Transaction ManagementPersonal identifiers: Information about the source of funding for customers in relation to their transactionsAccount suspension/closure, Withdrawal request freezing/cancellationRegulatory/ Legal Obligation
4Monitoring and Assessing Behaviour at Sporting or Other Events for Crime PreventionContact details, Personal Identifiers and Activity on Bets at Sporting or Other Events, Tax Identifiers. Social Security Identifiers. Financial InformationAccount suspension/closure, Inability to login, Withdrawal request not possibleRegulatory/ Legal Obligation
5Monitoring and Assessing the Behavior of Bets on Sporting or Other Events for Business DevelopmentPersonal Identifiers, Activity at sporting events or other events, Financial Information. Social Security Information. Connection Information. Localisation Information.N/ALegitimate interest (Internal Reporting & Business Development).
6Monitoring and Assessing Bets on Sporting or Other Events for Personalised Bonuses, Bonuses, and User InterfacePersonal Identifiers, Activity at sporting events or other events, Financial Information. Social Security Information. Connection Information. Localisation Information.Inability to receive offers or bonuses Uncustomized betting experience.Legitimate interest (Optimal experience for customers)
7Informative Communications, Newsletters, and CampaignsContact details, Personal IdentifiersInability to receive newsletters or general marketing campaigns.Consent
8Inquiries, complaints & troubleshootingContact details, Personal Identifiers, Personal Details, Activity on Bets at Sporting or Other Events, Connection Information. Financial Information.N/ALegitimate Interest: Optimal customer experience and resolution of problems
9Reporting to Law Enforcement/Regulatory AuthoritiesPersonal Identifiers, Activity at sporting or other events, Financial Information. Social Security Information. Connection Information. Tax Identifiers.Account suspension/closure, Unavailability of loginRegulatory/ Legal Obligation
10Offers and promotionsContact details, Personal IdentifiersThe promotion, offer or other relevant information is not available.Consent
11Check creditworthiness and solvency, verify information with third parties, and compare it for accuracyPersonal Identifiers, Activity at sporting events or other events, Financial Information. Social Security Information. Connection Information. Localisation Information.In the event of detection of malpractices, there may be restrictions on web site usageLegitimate Interest (Assured accuracy and legality of the information provided)
12Staff training and quality assurance through call recording and/or educational materials presentationContact details, Personal Identifiers, and Betting ActivityUnavailability or inaccessibility of callback/phone customer serviceLegitimate Interest (Optimal customer experience and quality assurance for our customer service)

3. 3. Disclosure of personal data

We won’t sell or divulge your personal information to third parties/entities in a manner that is different from the one described in this privacy notice. We may, however, disclose your personal data to third parties.

3.1If we buy or sell any business assets, shares or businesses, we may share your personal data with the potential buyer or seller.

3.2If we have to share or disclose your personal data to comply with any legal obligation or regulatory obligation, to enforce or apply our terms or protect our rights, property or safety or those of customers or other parties.

3.3To cooperate with law enforcement agencies in order to enforce laws and investigate and prosecute illegal activities like frauds and scams. In connection with an investigation into fraud, scam, or any other illegal activity, we reserve the right to reveal any information regarding you to law enforcement officials and other government officials. These authorities include:

  • We have gambling authorities in all countries
  • Sport Governing bodies (e.g. FIFA, IOC, TIU)
  • Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) agencies
  • We operate in countries with law enforcement agencies

This includes exchanging information (e.g., with other businesses and organizations). Banks, credit institutions within and outside the EU to reduce credit risk and fraud protection. These entities can then use your personal data to investigate and respond to any breaches according their procedures.

3.4We may also disclose personal information to third-party service providers, agents, or independent contractors that help us maintain our website. This includes order processing and fulfillment, customer service, maintaining and analysing data, sending customer communications to us, entry collection, winner selection, prize fulfillment for contests and other promotions. This information will be disclosed in accordance to Regulation EU 2016/679, the European Parliament and Council, and any applicable Kenyan legislation. These unaffiliated third parties are required to use personal information only to perform the administrative services they provide. These third parties also have to comply with the privacy standards set forth by law. We enter into agreements with them that require them to use your personal data only for the purpose for which it was provided. Information is provided by third parties on data processing via their websites and other communication assets.

To achieve the purposes set out in section 2 of this policy, data may be transferred to the following third parties located within the European Union.

  • Payment providers (“Worldpay Limited England”, payment service provider based at the United Kingdom; “Paysafe Mac Limited” payment provider based Givrantal,; “Skrill Limited”, payment service provider based at the United Kingdom; “Paysafe Financial Services Ltd”, payment service provider based at the United Kingdom (, Bank of Valletta based on Malta You can find the privacy notice for each provider at their respective site.
  • AML/CTF, anti-fraud services
  • Platform Providers
  • Services providers

3.5We won’t share your personal data with anyone outside the European Union, or in countries without adequate data protection. In the unlikely event of such a transfer, however, we will obtain your explicit consent. We will also take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is treated in accordance with this Privacy policy and applicable legislation. We will ensure that the processor is equipped with an information security system according to ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems). We will also update the Privacy Policy to reflect cross-border data transfers and safeguard your privacy.

4. How long do we keep your data?

4.1In accordance with Data Minimisation and Storage Limitation principles, it is our policy not to retain client information longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were originally obtained. Your data will be kept for at least five years after the last transaction. We also consider the potential differences that may arise from exercising your data privacy rights. Please refer to section 6. Some personal information may need to be kept for longer periods of time due to legal obligations or legitimate interests. These reasons could be related to:

  • Money laundering
  • Taxation
  • Players Protection
  • Civil Law
  • Penal Law
  • Other legal issues

5. Your data privacy rights

5.1You have the right to request information via your personal account at any time we keep or process your data.

  • Right of Access – You have the right to view the personal data we hold about you
  • Right to rectification: You have the right of correction for any data we hold on you that is incorrect or incomplete. Section 7 of the current policy provides further information.
  • Right to Erasure – You can request that your data be deleted from our records. We are required to comply with such requests in certain circumstances
  • Right to Restriction on Processing – You have the right of restriction of processing. We are required to comply with such requests when certain conditions apply
  • Data portability – You have the right to request that the data we have about you be transferred to another organization
  • Right to object – You have the right under certain conditions to object to specific processing activities

5.2We will review your request and respond to you as soon as possible regarding the status and outcome (granting, partial granting, rejection of request) within one month.

If BetWinner declines to grant your request for the Data Privacy Rights, then we will give you a reason. You can lodge a complaint directly to the DPO and/or the regulatory authority (via the methods described in paragraph 13).

5.3Unreasonably repetitive requests, which require excessive technical effort or have disproportionate technical implications, that risk the privacy or are extremely impractical, will be rejected.

6. Update your personal information

6.1Except in exceptional circumstances, you can review, update, or delete personal information by logging onto the website and using the tools to do so. You cannot delete certain data, such as your date of birth and age, that are required to verify eligibility.

6.2Your personal account allows you to request a copy your personal data. To protect your privacy, you will need to show proof of identity in order to get copies. Please include sufficient information to identify you and any other pertinent information that will allow us to fulfill your request. Contact customer service if you wish to close your account. You can close your account by closing your personal account. We will comply with these requests, unless there is a valid reason not to delete the data.

7. 7.

7.1BetWinner is committed to protecting your data. We do this by constantly striving to offer all the means possible to ensure your personal data’s safety, security, and restriction of unauthorised access, and/or potential alterations. These measures include information security measures that are consistent with current best practices in protecting our customers’ privacy. These steps include technical, procedural and monitoring measures that protect data from misuse, unauthorized disclosure, loss, alteration, or destruction. Please visit our dedicated page for more information about how we protect your personal data.Security Page.

8. 8. Profiling

8.To provide you with tailored and tailored views and services, we collect personal data, including your transactional behavior, betting activities and practices, and cookies. We can present you with a personalized view and experience on our site by profiling your activity.

8.2Profiling allows us to identify and report possible fraudulent behavior, violation of our Terms and conditions, money laundering practices, and responsible betting behavior. This is in accordance with our legal/ regulatory obligations to report such incidents to the appropriate authorities

The following summarizes the reasons profiling is necessary:

  • Marketing reasons: You may receive personalized offers, newsletters, and general marketing campaigns.
  • Responsible betting: Your account will be closed if your betting behavior is considered “at risk”, if you are thought to be addicted, or you declare that you are, and according to our Terms & Conditions.
  • Anti-Fraud Reasons: If you violate our Terms and Condition (e.g. Your account(s), if you have more than one active account on our website, will be closed. All betting activity will be canceled.
  • AML/CTF Reasons: If your profiling identifies that your activity is suspicious in the area of Money Laundering, then your activity will be reported to the relevant Law Enforcement bodies at the countries where we operate, per our Terms and Conditions.

9. 9.Digital Marketing

9.1We also collect personal data to offer you personalized offers, promotions, and marketing materials. This includes transactional behavior, betting practices and practices, cookies, geolocation information and other relevant information. You are responsible for the use of these services at your own discretion and with the consent you have given. Through our dedicated consent management portal, integrated into your personal account, you can give your consent later or revoke an already existing consent for such services.

10. 10.

10.We register your browser settings and IP address when you visit the Website. Your IP address is the unique address devices use to identify each other and communicate on a computer network. Your browser settings may include your browser type, language and time zone. This information is used to personalize your experience, track your device and assist in legal cases involving misuse or illegal actions. We may also use your IP address to approximate where you are located (at the city level).

11. Cookies

11.1 What cookies are there?

Cookies are text files that are usually made up of numbers and letters. They are saved on the user’s device and are used by their browser to save them when they visit a website. Cookies and other similar technologies (e.g. web beacons and clear GIFs, pixel tags and JavaScript) are used by our Website to identify users’ web browsers, analyze trends, make Our Website more user-friendly and efficient, as well as secure it.

This Cookie Policy will simply refer to cookies and other similar technologies as “Cookies”.

You may find further information about Cookies, including information about how to manage and delete them at, and

11.2 Cookie Types

Cookies that are persistent or session-based.Session cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted after users leave the site. Persistent Cookies, on the other hand, remain on users’ computers for a predetermined period of time. This allows us to identify users’ browsers upon their next visit and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Cookies from third partiesThese Cookies are placed on the users’ devices by a third party and provide information about their browsing habits and patterns (e.g. visits to websites, pages visited, clicked links, advertisements clicked). These Cookies can be used to determine if certain third-party services are being used, identify user’s interests, retarget ads and provide advertisements that are relevant for the website’s visitors. These cookies are subject to the Cookie Policies of the third party for the management and use of personal data. Our Website is not responsible.

Essential Cookies or Required CookiesThese cookies are used to provide users with requested features and services. Some features and services may not be available if Essential Cookies are disabled.

Functionality cookiesThese cookies are used to identify and maintain the preferences and selections of our users, recognize them when they return to Our website, personalize our content, and retain certain user preferences (e.g. name, language, region).

Performance/Analytical CookiesThese cookies allow us to understand how visitors use our website by collecting information such as the number of visits, pages visited, and duration. These cookies allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns, and optimize them for the best user experience.

Retargeting/Advertising CookiesThese cookies collect information about our users’ online activities and identify their interests in order to provide relevant advertising.

11.3 Cookie Settings

Users can choose to accept or reject cookies. You can set your browser to allow cookies only in certain situations. This will prevent you from accepting cookies for all or some cases. It also allows you to turn off the automatic deletion of cookies after closing your browser. These settings allow a user to still access Our Website but they must be adjusted manually at each visit so that certain functionalities do not fail.

12. 12.

12.1Our privacy policy is constantly reviewed and updated to meet any regulatory and legislative requirements. We also strive to protect your privacy. Any updates will be sent to you via the current website.

13. Get in touch

13.1You can contact us via email if you feel that we haven’t adhered to this Privacy Policy, or any other Data Privacy related matter..

Please be advised that Mr. Walla Kezmir is our Data Protection Officer.